Get ready to say goodbye to feeling stuck with the legal aspects of your business — and say hello to security and confidence
The CEO Legal Kit

You’re tired of second-guessing the legal “stuff”: Is the name for my course taken? Do I have what I need in my contracts? What if someone wants a refund?

It’s exhausting thinking about exposing yourself to liabilities that could come down the road.

You’ve tried to “Google” your way to implement your legal affairs, but got overwhelmed and put legal on the back burner. And now you’re stuck, and not sure what to do next…

Take a sip of your Starbucks  if:

You thought it would be so much easier to run your business (but you keep hearing conflicting information about what I need legally).

Your head is wrapped around so many things, it’s easy not to think about the legal aspects.

You're frozen with fear because of the legal what-ifs. 

You get knots in your stomach when you hear the word "legal".

Your business is no longer a hobby, and I need to get legal if it’s going to be taken seriously.

Imagine finally taking this load off your shoulder so that you have the capacity to be creative.

You’re already a busy entrepreneur with everything else on your plate—if you have to figure out the legal component, you’re going to calmly close your laptop, hop into your SUV, and spend $400 at Target. I mean that doesn’t sound too terrible now that I’m thinking about it. But we don’t want to resort to retail therapy out of frustration with legally protecting your business.

Why have nearly 60% of small businesses experienced significant legal events in the past two years? Because the legal side of running a business is always an afterthought…

Most business owners are excited, driven, and motivated to start- to meet clients, rack up profits and sit back, put their legs up, and watch as their product/service changes the world. But the reality of the business world is a lot closer to a deadly minefield than to a 40th-floor office in NYC… 

 So the question now is: Do you want your business to add to that 60%? Or are you ready to be part of the winning 40%? If you answered yes to the latter, then buckle up, because you’re in for a treat.

Meet The CEO Legal Kit, The all-in-one legal lifejacket that helps you navigate through the world of business with a dome of protection over your head at all times.

For all small business owners who would rather spend their funds on their business’s growth than on an attorney,

we’ve created the perfect guide for you to cover the legal side of your business with complete ease.

With The CEO Legal Kit, you’ll be able to scale without worry, take risks more confidently, and sleep easier at night knowing that your business is legally spotless!

In a nutshell, you’ll have a pilot for your online business that you can access anywhere and at any time!

...even if you don't have an attorney on retainer.

Here’s a gist of what you’ll find inside The CEO Legal Kit:

All the policies and protocols you need to handle returns, refunds, and chargebacks perfectly.

Legal disclaimers and disclosure templates to include on your website, so you’re not liable for content on your website.

A complete explanation of business legal entities and how to choose the right one for you.

A list of the legal contracts you need for your business to have legal systems in place

What to do when you find a website copycat using your content without your permission

Guidance on ADA compliance for your website so you can avoid a costly lawsuit

5 ways to protect your content online

An image copyright guide that allows you to use visual content without getting in legal trouble.

See? We told you it’s a lifesaver!

Join the other 5000 business owners who have downloaded The CEO Legal Kit
Choice 1: Do you want to continue worrying whether the shoe is about to drop in your business where one preventable mistake causes you to lose what you’ve worked so hard to build?
Choice 2: Do you grab The CEO Legal Kit, where the answers to the legal issues you continuously worry about are all in one spot, so
you can begin implementing them in your

Go from lousy to legit for a one-time payment of $65!

"I absolutely loved it. I was a little stressed about compiling the different disclaimers I would need, and figuring out how to word my refund policy and this took all of that weight off of me. Not only am I relieved, I feel more equipped."
- Michelle 

Get the legal playbook that helps online business owners go all in on their dreams

The CEO Legal Guide

8 video modules on the most important aspects of selling online

Refund policy templates

A chargeback rebuttal letter template 

Legal Disclaimers and disclosures

"The CEO Legal Kit is a MUST!"

I love Michelle and Wilson Murphy Law. I love the content that she provides for me for my business and the wonderful products and services. You can learn a lot. The CEO Legal Kit is a MUST!!! It provided me information that is NEEDED.

Michelle B. 
Happy Customer
"Highly recommend"

I highly recommend you purchase this kit! I will be making some more changes to my website and other parts of my business as well. This kit will also give me a better head start when I start my 2nd business towards the end of the year.

Deauhijela J.
Happy Customer
"No need to worry"

A well thought out and resourceful product. These contract templates eased a world of worries for me! No need to worry if I’m covered – I just AM.

Happy Customer

But who am I to tell you about running your business legally?

Hey, I'm Michelle!

I'm the owner of The CEO Legal Loft and Wilson Murphy Law, a boutique law firm that partners with creative entrepreneurs and small business owners to protect their intellectual property and small business.

I created the CEO Legal Kit for business owners and entrepreneurs who know it’s time to get their business legit. Many business owners don’t even know where to start when it comes to their company’s legalities. I created this guide for all my business owners who are ready to dip their toes in the business’s legal side.

Questions you might be asking yourself right now...
  • When will I have access to my copy of the guide?
    Instantly! As soon as you make the purchase, you’ll be redirected to a page explaining how to access the kit. You'll also receive login information via email.
  • How is this different from other programs?
    The CEO Legal Kit was created by a small business lawyer who works with creatives, entrepreneurs, and other small businesses and sees the legal issues you face daily. Many business toolkits only discuss the legal entities you should choose and usually don’t go beyond that. This toolkit covers many legal issues you’ll face daily if you don’t implement legal systems and foundations.
  • Do I get access to an attorney?
    No, you do not get access to a small business or trademark attorney. If you would like to work with Wilson Murphy Law, the guide’s creator, you can schedule a consultation.

It's time to cross out "get business legal" on your to do list.

There aren't many resources out there for small businesses created by lawyers and we want to ensure that you're set up right. Get on the right legal foot and watch your business flourish. 

"The CEO Legal Loft has provided a wealth of information that’s delivered seamlessly; along with thousands of dollars of legal documents and insight that’s provided at a very low cost." - Nate 

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Ready to avoid the pitfalls that most business owners fall into and gracefully skip over them to save time, money, and peace of mind? 
I've put together this ebook that: 
  • Gives you the steps to forming your LLC
  • Walks you through how to get your EIN for free
  • Tells you what to do after you form your LLC like the type of insurance you need
  • Guides you on keeping your personal assets separate from your business assets, just in case you get sued
    ...and so much more.

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