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Learn How to File Your Trademark Application in 7 Days Without the Expensive Trademark Attorney
Having trouble figuring out the whole trademark application thing?

Went to the USPTO website and got bombarded with all the information that you just close your MacBook Pro, pour yourself a glass of Chardonnay, and watch Schitt's Creek for the 7th or 27th time?

I get it. Before filing your application, there's a lot that you need to know so that you don't get a rejection letter from the Trademark Office or worse... a cease and desist letter from a registered trademark owner. 

Luckily you can learn directly from a trademark attorney who has:

➊ Helped numerous businesses register their trademarks 

➋ Researched and filled out trademark applications for a living

➌  Bundled it up in an easy to understand (little to no legalese), step-by-step course

...so that you can avoid common, costly mistakes

Plus, I'm sharing secrets that I don't ever tell outside of this course. 

Here's what you can look forward to in this 7-module course:

A 7-step process that walks you through filing your trademark application so you can take your time without

getting overwhelmed.

The answer to your question, "What is a trademark?" and how it benefits your small business.

How to conduct a basic trademark search so you don't get sued and can avoid trademark refusal.

Criteria for submitting the correct specimen so you're not extending the registration process even longer.

Common mistakes that will result in a trademark refusal.

 Bonus Workbook that includes:

  • Trademark basics with no legal jargon
  • A worksheet to brain dump the trademarks in your business and all the services and/or goods you sell.
  • A written step-by-step trademark search guide to correctly perform a search.
  • A completed sample trademark application checklist with common trademark refusals and ways to avoid them.

Disclaimer: This course is for educational purposes and is not legal advice or substitution for legal counsel. The information provided during this class does not form an attorney-client relationship.

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In 30min, Michelle gave me SO much clarity on the next steps for my practice! I feel clear and confident on my options that she thoughtfully laid out, and I truly appreciate her guidance.

Diane Evans
Ditea Wellness

I like that Michelle was open and honest about the entire process and never talked to me in fancy lawyer language to confuse me.

Courtney Arrington
The Accounting Struggle